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You might want something that’s totally different for your flooring. It might be an expression of your own personal creativity. Or it might be to match your home’s interior look and design. In any case, metallic epoxy flooring offers you a nice option. You’ll get an awesome-looking flooring that is new to what you and your home have been used to.

Metallic epoxy flooring will allow you to go for a new look for your home. But what’s great about it is that it can be made to complement whatever your home’s interior design or color scheme might be. This option can enhance what’s inside your home and make it look even better.

At Local Epoxy Pros, we also offer metallic epoxy flooring service to our customers. We serve the residents of Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas. And we handle both residential and commercial projects and complete installations within one day, depending on the size of the project. So if you have a need for metallic epoxy flooring or any other flooring needs, call us and we’ll take care of it.

The Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors are great options, not just for homes, but also for commercial establishments. If you want your property to look different and awesome at the same, this is the choice for you. And here are the benefits that you could get by choosing it:


You can count on metallic epoxy flooring for its durability. At Local Epoxy Pros, we only use the highest quality metallic epoxy products to make sure that the floor will be able to withstand heavy foot traffic. This durability will last for years, even decades, to come. They are resistant to water and spills, and will not be easily chipped or scratched.


Metallic epoxy flooring is also very easy to maintain. It’s no different from other surfaces that are also smooth and non-porous. Even allergens wouldn’t b enable to penetrate the surface and thus guarantee the health of everyone in the home.


Resistance to chemicals is one of the attributes of epoxy. There is no need to worry about using strong cleaning chemicals because the surface can withstand it. The same is true for using cleaning equipment that uses high heat. And that’s why metallic epoxy flooring is preferred in industrial plants.


With metallic epoxy flooring, you get improved light reflectivity. The visibility within your home or commercial establishment will improve due to the metallic epoxy. The objects inside your home or commercial establishment can be viewed more clearly.

Why Choose Local Epoxy Pros?

Detail Oriented Professionals Providing Top Quality Epoxy Flooring Installations - That’s What Local Epoxy Pros is Renowned For

Are you experiencing problems with your flooring and you want professionals to help you with them? If you’re having those problems, hire us at Local Epoxy Pros and we’ll help you solve your flooring troubles. You can count on our team to deliver flooring solutions that will not just meet your expectations. The solutions we provide go beyond them. In addition to the quality of our services, we’re also known for the speed and efficiency with which we do our work.

Our competent and dedicated team is the best flooring contractor in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas. So if you’re looking for experts in customized and high-quality epoxy floor coatings, we can help. When you feel that your flooring is in need of a serious upgrade, with its looks and also in durability, and longevity, give us a call. Your flooring is guaranteed to go beyond being beautiful!

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