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The garage is probably one of the most underappreciated parts of a home. You use it so much that you could have a tendency to overlook its actual importance. It’s so much more than just a space where you store your vehicles when they’re not in use. Your garage can also be used as a workshop or a home gym, and so much more. And the flooring of your garage will be at the forefront of all that use.

After a while, your garage flooring will suffer from all of the daily wear and tear. It could only survive so much abuse before the signs start showing like cracks and even stains. That’s bound to happen when the garage flooring is exposed to oil spills, hot tires, heavy equipment dropping, and even tremendous foot traffic.

The aim is to make sure that you can continue using your garage for various purposes and one way to do that is to fix the garage flooring.

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Why Transform Your Garage Floor?

The solution to creating a space in your garage you can enjoy is to choose a decorative flake of your liking and having Local Epoxy Pros apply a commercial-grade garage floor coating.

Our high-grade commercial epoxy floor coatings are designed to prevent your concrete floor from chipping and absorbing harsh chemicals. What you are left with is a durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean surface with fantastic curb appeal.

Decorative epoxy coating’s supreme properties make this system appropriate for a wide variety of settings around Phoenix, AZ.

Garage Flooring Benefits


Epoxy flooring and polyaspartic coatings are designed to penetrate deep within your concrete pores and harden to a thickness that will stay solid while simultaneously exhibiting flexible properties. These characteristic traits make tire markings, oil spills, and dirt a problem of the past.


When concrete is left exposed and porous as it usually is, over time it absorbs nasty chemicals and grime causing the surface to slowly corrode. Epoxy flooring acts as a protective shield, capping off your concrete pores and creating a barrier between damaging objects, chemicals, debris, and your concrete surface.


Epoxy floor coatings create a smooth non-porous surface, making it easy to remove dirt, dust, liquids, and bacteria. By encapsulating your concrete surface with an epoxy coating you reduce the need for power washing and scrubbing.


Choose from a wide range of flake colors to match your home's interior, car, or favorite sports team. Make your garage floor a space you enjoy showing off and spending time in!

Garage Floor Transformation Process

Meticulous 3-Step Installation Procedure

Step 1

Diamond grinding all of our floors for an enhanced mechanical adhesion. Concrete floors must be properly prepared in order to open up the pores of the concrete, doing so removes all dirt, dust, stains, and grime allowing our commercial-grade epoxy to anchor itself deep within the surface. Once a standard of cleanliness is reached, we analyze all cracks, divots, and imperfections so they can be repaired and the space is ready to be coated.

Step 2

Working diligently our team measures out and applies the appropriate amount of product for each area receiving the industry's highest grade epoxy. It is vital that each section receives the correct amount of epoxy and vinyl chips to reach the thickness necessary to maintain a long-lasting bond.

Step 3

Encapsulating your garage doors new finish is a UV stable, oil-resistant, gloss polyaspartic sealant designed to embody the color and feel of the floor you’ve selected. This topical sealant will leave your floor solid and gleaming for many years to come.

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