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Preserve the natural beauty of your concrete floors

Among the primary considerations in any home is the aesthetic aspect. It has such a huge impact on the overall value of any home. After all, it’s what you first see when you’re looking at a home or any other type of property. You get your first impression of a home from the way it looks.

Your property’s flooring plays a factor in that aspect. But, it can be neglected or taken for granted. That’s not too surprising since the flooring is probably the most used part of the home. There’s a good chance that it will succumb to wear and tear faster than other areas.

In terms of looks, some consider bare concrete to be enough. It does have its own charm and particularly for those who favor a more minimalist style. If you’re the type of owner that loves a bare and uncomplicated look, then go for it. While it has drawbacks, there are solutions to help fix them.

What Is A Grind And Seal?

Love the look of bare concrete, but tired of the constant fine dust, staining, cracks, and chips that appear on the surface. At Local Epoxy Pros, we offer a Grind and Seal flooring system to preserve the natural beauty of concrete floors, while protecting them from oil, dirt, salts, liquids, and damage caused by heavy traffic and efflorescence.

Our penetrating sealers anchor deep into the porous surface of concrete, reducing concrete dust and hideous rubber markings left behind from tires, shoes, grocery carts, and many more.

What you end up with is a sealed concrete surface that replicates the look of a polished floor, but instead of the concrete being polished until it shines, our grind and seal brings out a wet and rich look to your concrete surface.

Grind and Seal floors are used in a wide variety of settings around Phoenix, AZ.

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Grind and Seal Benefits


Because our concrete coatings penetrate deeply within the concrete surface, they resist wearing away until the substrate surface wears away, which can happen between 5-10+ years depending on how heavy the traffic. Concrete sealers plug the holes within your concrete slab and form fit to each capillary creating a stronger overall concrete slab.


Our high-performance poly 250 and polyaspartic concrete sealers are designed to stand up to heavy vehicular traffic and foot traffic. These sealants have been known for reducing concrete dust, chemical absorbance, and concrete chipping and scratching.


When applied correctly, concrete sealers are water-tight, and liquids, dirt, and debris struggle to penetrate or stain the concrete floor. Cleaning the floor requires only regular mopping and occasional floor buffing depending on use and abuse.


Grind and Seal’s are a budget-friendly option to protect the concrete slab while still preserving the natural beauty of the surface. Because this process does not require as much floor preparation as polished concrete and the upkeep of a grind and seal system can be relatively lower compared to polished concrete, this is a great option for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Grind and Seal Transformation Process

Meticulous 3-Step Installation Procedure

Step 1

Diamond grinding all of our floors for an enhanced mechanical adhesion. Concrete floors must be properly prepared in order to open up the pores of the concrete and expose the necessary amount of aggregate so we can bring its true character to life. Doing so removes all dirt, dust, stains, and grime allowing our commercial-grade sealer to anchor itself deep within the surface. Once a standard of cleanliness is reached, we analyze all cracks, divots, and imperfections so they can be repaired and the space is ready to be sealing.

Step 2

Working diligently our team measures out and applies the appropriate amount of product for each area receiving the industry's highest grade sealer. It is vital that each section receives the correct amount of sealer to reach the thickness necessary to maintain a long-lasting bond.

Step 3

Encapsulating your garage floor's new finish is a UV stable, oil resistant, gloss polyaspartic or poly 250 sealant designed to simulate the look and feel of polished concrete. This topical sealant will leave your floor solid and gleaming for many years to come. * poly 250 will dull and will need another coat within 3-5 years ** polyaspartic will last 10 years+ without fading or becoming dull

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