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Commercial Flooring Services in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial establishments need flooring services too. It might be an afterthought for some, particularly when you think that flooring services are mostly for aesthetic purposes. While it’s one of the main reasons why someone would hire a flooring company, there are also other reasons. And those reasons apply to both home and business owners.

There is the question of durability. If you’re a business owner, you would want the flooring of your garage or driveway to be as durable as possible. It should last for plenty of years and also be capable of withstanding the heavy foot traffic that would be caused by customers and business staff alike. That has to be one of the last things that you should worry about your business. In short, more durable flooring means you could focus on other aspects of your business.

At Local Epoxy Pros, we serve all kinds of customers in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas. We offer the highest quality flooring services for both residential and commercial customers. If you are a business and you feel that your flooring needs an upgrade of any kind, call us and we’ll be there for you. The commercial flooring services we offer are the best in the city and we’ve served numerous commercial establishments over the years.

Phoenix Flooring Services

Choose from any of our premium flooring services. Here are some of them

Garage Flooring

Decorative vinyl flakes are layered across the top of epoxy to ensure a commercial-grade thickness, durability, and longevity.
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Epoxy Flooring

Single color coatings are engineered for areas that deserve a protective layer to enhance the space’s appearance and use.
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Grind and Seal

Mechanically grinding concrete down to its bare form to expose its natural and raw character.
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Local Epoxy Pros’ Process for Ensuring Quality Flooring

The following is the system that we follow to ensure we accomplish our 1-day flooring installation:

Start With Grinding

The initial step in our process is to mechanically grind, profile, and vacuum the concrete surface so that the strongest adhesion is assured.

Next Up Is Repair

The next step is to repair it. Whatever the damage might be, we’re more than capable of repairing every bit of crack or hole in the concrete flooring.

Coat The Flooring

We would then apply either a primer coat for metallic epoxy or a base coat for flake flooring.

Color & Texture

The next step is to flake or coat the flooring. For metallic floors, we’re going to apply the metallic color coat. On the other hand, for flake flooring, the polymer flakes will be broadcast to come up with an even color and texture.

Scrape Off Excess

All the excess flakes would then be scraped off so that the floor will be prepared for the final sealing.

Seal It For Protection

For the final step in the process, we’re going to apply two coats of UV-stable polyaspartic top coat. Expect the floor to be ready for some light foot traffic after about 6 to 8 hours.

Why Choose Local Epoxy Pros?

Detail Oriented Professionals Providing 1 Day Epoxy Flooring Installations - That’s What Local Epoxy Pros is Renowned For

Are you a business owner and you’re having flooring issues? If the answer is yes, then you’d want professionals to help you with them. At Local Epoxy Pros, we offer commercial flooring services and we’ll take care of all your flooring troubles. Count on our team to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations. In addition to the quality of our services, we’re also known for our speed and efficiency. 

Our capable and dedicated team is the best flooring contractor that’s serving Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas. So if you’re looking for experts in customized and top-quality epoxy floor coatings, you can turn to us for help. When you want to give an upgrade to your commercial flooring, not just in terms of looks but also in durability and longevity, just give us a call. Your flooring is guaranteed to go beyond being beautiful!

Commercial Flooring Phoenix Local Epoxy Pros

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